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A blog dedicated to the online bill manager known as Bill Tracker Online.
Monday, October 19, 2009

Coming soon, Bill Tracker v2.5!

Our team has been very hard at work on the latest version of BTO. We are excited to bring you the following new features in our next release, Bill Tracker v2.5.

  • Statement tracking: you will now be able to save your statement history. This will allow you to input each bill as a new statement. You will be able to better understand your balance history as well as payment history.

  • Payment tracking: this new feature comes hand-in-hand with our new statement tracking feature. This will allow you to apply multiple payments to any statement in your statement history. Note: Only payments applied to the most recent statement will affect your current balance on the "View Bills" page.
There will be several more new features included in our next update which will be announced at that time. We plan to release Bill Tracker v2.5 in Q1 of next year.


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